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Referring Physicians


Thank you for entrusting your patient’s care to us. We at Heart Consultants, value our strong relationships with our healthcare community partners. We will keep you updated on your patient’s treatment plans and collaborate with you on their ongoing care

The decision to refer a patient to Heart Consultants should be an easy one. Rest assured the team at Heart Consultants will promote a positive relationship with our referring providers and their staff.



You can refer a patient to Heart Consultants, LLC by either:

  • Downloading our referral form, filling it out and faxing it to (240) 454-8463)
  • Calling us at 301-330-4455 to speak with our front desk staff. Our office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Referral Form



Many insurance companies now require the ordering physician to obtain pre-authorization for non-emergency cardiology services such as echocardiography, nuclear imaging, or cardiac catheterization.

Timely Appointments

Because of the critical nature of heart care, we make every effort to see your patient as soon as possible. Patients with urgent issues are given priority

Patients can call us at 301-330-4455, to arrange an office visit, test or procedure at a convenient time and location.

In order to expedite first-time office visits, patients can fill out new patient forms through this website.

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